The Danish Society of Engineers (IDA)


The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, is a modern professional association for technical and science professionals.
IDA has more than 86,000 members and represents the interests of employees, managers and self-employed within the fields of pay and employment, the labour market, industrial policy, skills, careers and training, the working environment, technology and research.
IDA has offices in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg.
IDA’s vision is to help technical knowledge workers set the agenda via competence development, network establishment, and political influence.
IDA’s goal is to be an influential, high profile society. Several politically appointed committees ensure that the views and objectives of our society become known and are made visible in areas ranging from education policy, equal opportunity, industrial and labour market policies, work environment and research and technology.
IDA’s political structure IDA is non-partisan, but seeks actively to influence decision-makers in order to provide strength through knowledge for its members, for the profession, and for society as a whole.
IDA’s supreme authority is the Board of Representatives, while the Executive Committee deals with the society’s administration.

Danish Stem Cell Society (DASCS)


Danish Stem Cell Society (DASCS) provides a broad and interdisciplinary focal point for researchers and professionals within the stem cell and regenerative medicine field in Denmark. For many years stem cell researchers within University and industry institutions have sought an independent forum to exchange knowledge and to establish collaborations across the country. Founded in 2012, DASCS was therefore a welcomed initiative, clearly reflected in the large number of registered members (130) shortly after the society launched in September 2012.
After our first successful event, DASCS aims at hosting an annual Stem Cell Symposium listing several national and internationally renowned stem cell researchers who will talk about the latest progress within their respective fields. DASCS invites everyone with an interest to sign up for our Symposiums and other events – and we highly encourage our participants to network and become inspired from the forefront of Danish and International stem cell science.



BioPeople is part of the Danish infrastructure for innovation established and cofunded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. We have an International outreach that helps Danish companies and researchers to establish cross border collaborations and vice versa.
Biopeople embraces and gathers the vast majority of public and private research within health and life science in Denmark. The network includes all relevant Danish universities, research institutions and hospitals plus the Danish Health and Medicines Authority. On the private side, industry associations contribute their resources, and we have numerous pharma, medtech, food and biotech companies as members of Biopeople.

Our aim is to stimulate innovation through activities that bring researchers and stakeholders together across disciplines, sectors and public-private boundaries. We help academia and industry to co-create and develop ideas into new projects, products and services to benefit global health and welfare.

We help academia and industry to co-create and develop ideas into new projects, products and services to benefit global health and welfare.

Biokemisk Forening

logobiokemisk forening

The Danish Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (DSBMB) is a non-profit scientific and educational organization with over 1400 members. The goal of the Society is to create contacts between researchers and stimulate the interest for biochemistry and biotechnology in Denmark.
DSBMB has a magazine BioZoom, that is a quarterly journal published since 1997 for DSBMB members with articles and debate on research policy, biotech industry, science history, ethics, education, European science and university reform.



SBE logo with name

SBE.DTU is an acronym for Society for Biological Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. SBE.DTU is an organization for students to students with an interest in biotechnology.

SBE.DTU is the largest organization for students with an interest in biotechnology in Denmark. We are working to fulfil the primary objective of our organization: To integrate biology, engineering, and innovation and create networks between students, university and industry, nationally as well as internationally.

The aim is to inspire students to get involved in their studies, to aim higher and to think about their future. To meet the objectives and aims SBE.DTU arranges numerous events throughout the year. These events include: Lecture Sessions, Reach & Discover, Life Science & Beyond, Company visits, Master start-up and mentor programs.

Synapse – Life Science Connect


Synapse is a student driven non-profit initiative in the Copenhagen area for students at the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen.

Our vision is to strengthen the connection betweem the life science industry and the academic world. We work to ease the transition from being a student to becoming a professional.

We encourage all life science students & graduates who are interested in developing themselves and meeting likeminded peers to join the Synapse Network. As a member of the Synapse Network we aim to offer the following:

– Career Opportunities: Within top tier companies in the life science industry

– Network: A professional forum for like-minded students unified by shared interest in the life science industry and a desire to excel

– Education: Opportunity to develop and enhance vital skill sets within business, presentation and management

– Interaction: To create relationships between industry leaders and young researchers with key events focused on problem-solving and case work