Previous DBS Conferences

Every year in late May/start June, DBS is hosting a Molecular Biology and Biotechnology conference at Hotel Munkebjerg in Vejle.

The purpose of this event is to strengthen the network between the people with an interest in Biotechnology, the universities, and the industry — both in Denmark and internationally.

Next conference will be DCB13 in June 2018

2017 – CRISPR based technologies and bio-products (DCB12)

DCB12 Program
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2016  – Glycobiology and Carbohydrate Biotechnology (DCB11)

DCB11 Program
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2015  – Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering (DCB10)

DCB10 Program

2014 – Animal Cell Culture – Expression and Engineering (DCB9)

 Abstract book DCB9

2013 – Food Biotechnology and Nutrigenomics (DCB8)

Abstract Book DCB8

2012 – Microbial Communities in Biotechnology, Health and Biomedicine (DCB7)

Abstract Book DCB7

2011 – Synthetic Biology and Cell Factories

Abstract book DCB6

2010 – Biofuels and Biorefineries

Abstract book DCB5